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COVID-19: Farmers Markets Response

COVID-19: Farmers Markets Response The Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) maintains that farmers markets are necessary for the livelihood of tens of thousands of farmers and for food access for millions of consumers. FMC asserts that farmers markets should be addressed in the same manner as grocery...

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COVID-19: Navigating Disrupted Production Cycles

COVID-19: Navigating Disrupted Production Cycles Purdue University released an online guide to help local producers navigate the COVID-19 outbreak and the disruption to local production cycles for food, fiber, and other products. The guide notes that postponement and cancellation of farmers markets, as well as changing...

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FOR SALE: Oil/Wax Melter Tank

FOR SALE: Wax Melter Tank Willow Way - 6 gallon - Oil / Wax Melter Tank – Soap equipment Purchased from: 6MH Water Jacketed Oil / Wax Tank (Melter / Heater) Purchased May 29, 2018 (Used only twice - originally purchased for use in honey pouring) Includes: • Custom Built...

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