FOR SALE: Two Dairy Goats

davidGoatsFOR SALE: Two Dairy Goats – Posted 8.27.16
From David Cloniger: We are looking to rehome our dairy goats. We have two female Alpine/Saanen crosses. One is in milk currently and will be through November. She gives about 1/2 gallon of delish milk once a day. (People are often shocked at how “normal” it tastes). They are 2 and 3 years old. Both of them were born and raised at Little Seed Farm in Lebanon and have been with us for the last 7 months. They are super healthy, all white, have their horns, are sweet and, ahem, really good jumpers, lol. We have had a hard time containing them. Ever heard the saying “If it won’t hold smoke, it won’t hold a goat”? No, us either, lol, but apparently it’s pretty common. They had been raised exclusively on pasture and came to our house and have been rotated through the woods. We give them a bit of hay and a bit of alfalfa on the milking stand. We milk once a day. In the mornings on a fairly flexible schedule. They are loving and want to be close when we are in the fence with them, so much so that one of them (non aggressively butts), but actually, she only does that to the kids and has never done it with anyone over 5 feet tall, lol. We would like to sell them for $200/each. We have a sturdy milk stand (we built) and other necessary items (milking pail/strainer) we can sell too.

Contact David at or 615-430-3002

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