From Growing for Market: Creating a Positive Farm Workplace

FROM GFM Blog: On an August morning, in the shadows of deep green trees, vegetables are lined in long, straight rows awaiting the sun’s golden light to flood the field with warmth. The roads are dusty and dry, the forecast projects triple-digit sunshine, and the chickens are fat. I carefully harvest salad mix serenaded by birds. My coworkers pick just down the row from me, calm and focused. A feeling of teamwork is in the air.

For most farmers in late August, exhaustion sits deep in our bones. But our bodies are strong, our minds resilient, and our crew works together like a well-oiled machine. The farm is at its most productive and profitable state.

All communications are clear and kind, no matter the weight of stress or lack of sleep. I feel deeply appreciated and valued by my boss. My job is fulfilling and enjoyable, and I wake each morning with a fervor for the work to be done.

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