HIRING: Produce Field Manager at Old School Farm

Job Title: Produce Field Manager
Position Status: Salaried/Exempt
The Old School Farm is a nonprofit (501c3) with the mission to employ and empower adults of all abilities through integrated employment.
Please send cover letter, resume and all other inquiries to

Responsibilities and Duties: The Produce Field Manager reports directly to the Farm Manager and will be responsible for assisting the Farm Manager in planning and executing all production practices. The Produce Field Manager will be responsible for overseeing field crew members that assist with executing the plan, including providing feedback and delivering performance reviews.

Specific duties may include:
1. Purchasing seeds, nutrients and additional necessary materials to ensure the
farm is functioning in accordance with the approved plan for the season.
2. Planting/transplanting crops in accordance with the schedule developed in
conjunction with the Farm Manager.
3. Field maintenance, including ensuring the property being utilized by the Old
School Farm is kept neat and tidy at all times. Weeds need to be kept to a
minimum. Old School Farm is located on property that is being donated and it
is understood that weddings and events also take place on property that
overlook the Old School Farm.
4. Harvesting and processing of produce and directing the field crew members as
needed to ensure this task is completed according to schedule, with minimal
5. Delivery of produce to designated sites. The Old School Farm is currently
donating produce grown on the Farm to local food banks. The Produce Field
Manager will work with the Farm Manager to coordinate the logistics of taking
the produce to local food banks.
6. Farmer’s Markets. Should the Old School Farm decide to participate in local
farmer’s markets, the Produce Field Manager will work with the Farm Manager
to ensure the tables are set up appropriately to attract customers. The Produce
Field Manager will also ensure field crew are assigned to market shifts on a
rotating basis.
7. Equipment use and maintenance. The Produce Field Manager is directly
responsible for maintaining equipment, including ensuring that the equipment is
stored and locked properly.
8. Educational field tours. The Produce Field Manager will work with the Farm
Manager to assist in educational field trips and tours.
9. Organizing volunteers. The Produce Field Manager will work with the Farm
Manager to assist in organizing and supervising volunteers.
10.Community outreach/social media. The Produce Field Manager will assist the
Farm Manager with maintaining a relevant presence on our social media
platforms. Social media posts are an integral part of promoting and sustaining
our overall mission. We strive to highlight our mission-employees at work, as
well as provide educational and inspirational posts to our community.
11.Communication with Board Members. The Field Produce Manager must
communicate purchases to the Farm Manager, or in their absence, directly with
the President of the Board. The Field Produce Manager must submit written,
quarterly reports to the Board for review.
12.Other duties may be assigned as circumstances warrant.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics:
1. A minimum of one year of farming experience is required.
2. Familiarity and prior experience using a BCS tractor and its attachments.
3. Experience using and maintaining a drip irrigation system.
4. Knowledge of vegetables, herbs and flowers that grow in the middle Tennessee
5. Ability to communicate effectively and patiently to all field crew members.
6. Ability to drive a company owned vehicle and pass an insurance driver’s
eligibility screening.
7. Ability to work autonomously and work flexible hours, as situations require.
8. Ability to plan, organize and prioritize events within the farm setting.
9. Managing stressful situations utilizing excellent problem-solving techniques is
10.Excellent oral and written communication skills.
11.Knowledge of Excel is a plus.
12.Outgoing and positive disposition.

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