2022 Specialty Crop Workshops

The meetings will cover production and economic information on vegetable crops (tomatoes, pumpkins and/or sweet corn), berries (strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries), tree nuts (persimmons, pecans, pomegranates and paw paw) and one meeting on hops.

There is no fee to attend these sessions, pre-registration is required as food is being prepared for each meeting.

Specialty crops are an important sector of the agriculture landscape in Tennessee. These meetings will cover the production side and budgetary side for these crops, so producers who have experience in these crops will benefit and those looking at options as they begin their agriculture pursuits will also benefit for these educational sessions.

Dr. David Lockwood, UT Extension Professor
Plant Sciences – Berries, Tree Nuts and Hops

Dr. Annette Wszelaki, UT Extension Professor Plant Sciences – Vegetables

Dr. Aaron Smith, UT Extension Associate Professor Agricultural & Resources Economics – Budgets/Economics for Hops Production

Les Humpal, UT Extension Area Specialist – Budgets/Economics for Berry Production

See flyer for details…

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