FOR SALE: Baby Goats

From Heather Sevcik: 1/2 Saanen- 1/2 Toggenburg baby dairy goats for sale. Four months old. Three doelings, one wether. Sire is Toggenburg, dams are Saanens. Two full Toggenburg baby wethers available too, same age. Very friendly. These goats are pastured, grain-free, and LOVE browse. They are...

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Multi-farm CSA Manager: Arkansas

Heifer USA is supporting an emerging farmer cooperative to find an experienced, hands-on, creative and determined manager that can lead and grow a social enterprise centered on the community supported agriculture (CSA) model. The enterprise is formed around the idea that multiple smallholder farmers...

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BULK ORDER: Row covers

From John Dysinger - I have a farmer friend in CA that is ordering row cover from China. He can get 1.5 oz, 10’x500’ rolls of floating row cover delivered to Nashville for just $120/roll! That is cheaper than any place I have...

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