Farmers Market Manager Training – Nov 28/Franklin, Nov29/Knoxville

Farmers Market Manager Training – Nov 28/Franklin, Nov29/Knoxville

Farmers markets provide many positive impacts and spillover benefits to local communities, but are you able to communicate those benefits effectively to key community leaders? Farmers markets should be key assets in community and regional development plans. Learn how to promote and leverage the impacts generated by your farmers market to key community and development leaders to position your market as a vital asset in their sustainable development toolbox.

The growth in the number of farmers markets throughout the country demonstrates the strong consumer demand for locally-produced food and other products. But as more markets operate in closer proximity to each other and vie for customer market base, relationships between markets can change from collegial to competitive, negatively impacting many aspects of market operation and customer relations. Kimberly LaMendola is the Regional Development Coordinator and Food System Projects Manager for Southern Tier West Regional Planning and Development Board in southwestern New York State. Kimberly will review a strategy to develop a collaborative network of farmers markets and the many benefits gained by working together for the collective impact of all farmers markets.

Workshops will be held:

· Nov 28 Franklin, TN

· Nov 29 Knoxville, TN

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