FOR SALE: Baby Goats

babyDairyGoatsFrom Heather Sevcik: 1/2 Saanen- 1/2 Toggenburg baby dairy goats for sale. Four months old. Three doelings, one wether. Sire is Toggenburg, dams are Saanens. Two full Toggenburg baby wethers available too, same age.

Very friendly. These goats are pastured, grain-free, and LOVE browse. They are trained to an electric fence. Still with their mothers but ready to be weaned.

Up-to-date on CD&T. Doelings are disbudded, wethers have their horns. Can register doelings with ADGA if desired for extra $25. Their mothers produce a sizable amount of delicious milk we use for yogurt, cheese, soap, and to drink. The doelings will be ready to breed late-fall if desired.

Come visit! We’re located in Northwest Davidson County and would be happy to show you the way we raise organic dairy goats. We hope to find good homes for these sweet creatures. We’d keep them all if we had enough space. For more information and to see pictures visit our craigslist posting:

Email or call/text 303-929-9713.

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