FOR SALE: Mulch Layer, Nolt’s Model RB448 + Drip Attachment

From Dan Geer, on the Marshall/Giles county line: Nolt’s Model RB448 + Drip Attachment. A 3pt “bed layer” that forms up a bed, puts down drip line, and lays plastic all in one pass.  It was barely used two seasons so price is 20% off the list price, $2275 ($2100 + $175) = $1800. Buyer to pay cash and pick up at my farm (near I-65 exit 22). I can lift it onto a flatbed with my bucket loader, or buyer can do whatever disassembly he/she wants using their tools.

Contact Dan Geer at 931.293.2240

More Info: Designed for use with compact tractors in high tunnels and fields where close spacings are desirable. Features: Crowned bed is higher in center. Teflon lined bed press gives a smooth, pressed seed bed and eliminates pot holes. Adjustable tension on plastic roll and independent spring loaded press wheels ensure plastic is stretched tightly. Large cover disks are independently spring loaded and are fully adjustable to insure that plastic is covered securely. Drip Irrigation Attachments feature adjustable feed in tube and tension adjustment. Flat free/foam filled press wheels. Model RB448 Adjustable to lay 3 or 4 ft. wide plastic, Forms 4″ high x 20 or 30″ wide bed, 30-60hp recommended.

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