FOR SALE: Mushroom Logs

FOR SALE: Mushroom Logs
Posted January 23, 2017
kingoysterTis’ the season to plug mushroom logs! Henosis sells organic mushroom spawn for logs and kitchen table production. Choose from several varieties of mushrooms: All weather Shiitake, Maitake, King Stropharia (Wine Cap), Oysters (Phoenix, Pearl, Blue, Elm, King) Nameko, Piopinno, Morel, and Almond Portobello, . $25/bag, 4 or more $20/bag, 15 or more $15/bag. Made to order. Pick up or delivery. Don’t want to do the work, we offer plugging services too. $3/sqft (Spawn included) Check us out at or For questions or orders call 615-456-1192 or email David Wells at

Use this chart (.pdf) for a wood to mushroom reference and promotion, please! Thank you!

David Wells
Stony Creek Farm Manager and Garden Consultant
Dump Truck Owner
Songwriter: David Wells and the High Water Mark

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