FREE SEED: For Individuals & Organizations

Hey, y’all!

SoSA has a new-ish program. We send seeds to community gardens or farms. They grow the seeds into produce and then the produce is eaten by people in need. The rules are, they can’t SELL the seeds or the produce, and the food goes to people who might otherwise struggle to get fresh produce (that is intentionally broadly defined). [If growers want to have a patch/row just for donation, this would work for that, too.]

Seeds are in packets. They’re non-GMO, but not necessarily heirloom or organic.

Right now, I’m looking for people/orgs who might want free seeds. Do you know anyone? It might be you, it might be someone in your network… I’m just looking for email addresses to add to the info e-newsletter SoSA will be sending out sometime in Feb. Please take a sec, look at your contacts, and send me a few email addresses.

Thanks so much, y’all!


Rev. Jeannie Hunter (she/her)


Tennessee Regional Director

2334 Herman St. • Nashville, TN 37208

615-878-6134 |

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