Grassland’s Farmers Market

Grassland’s Farmers Market
We have a new mid week market in Grassland that is every Wednesday from 2:00 – 6:00. It’s located at 2177 Hillsboro Road, Franklin ,Tn. 37069. It’s been open since July of this year and will go until December, starting again in April. Its open to all types of vendors who have items they’ve made and of course local producers.

Like most markets, it’s in an open area .We have lots of space , great visibility from major highway with easy and safe access from both directions. There’s water and bathroom available. Booth fee is only $5 , no % of sales and thats for 2 10×10 spaces. Vendors can park where they set up.

James Gardner
Gardner Grove Family Farms
Grassland’s Farmers Market
615 879 0679

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