HIRING: Agriculture Manager Position at Williamson Family Farm

Posted 9.16.21

Agriculture Manager Position

Williamson Family Farm in the Greater Nashville Area is looking for an experienced agriculture professional to join us as our full-time agriculture manager to revolutionize our agricultural operations to support our growing agritourism business. The agriculture manager will collaborate in transforming our 240-acre farm to a showcase small farm producing Regenerative Organic Certified (TM) fruit, vegetables, herbs, and other crops to be incorporated in our agritourism private and public events that will include farm tours, food festivals, field to table dinners, workshops, pick & cook classes, weddings, corporate meetings and school field trips. Plans include introducing animals to support some of the agritourism events.
Qualifications include:
● Bachelor’s or higher degree in agriculture or agricultural sciences
● Minimum 5-year’s farm experience after graduation, preferably in a leadership role
● Strong organization and communication skills
● Physical stamina, including ability to repeatedly lift 50 pounds
● Desire to research and adopt innovative and regenerative farming practices
● Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills
Responsibilities include:
● Working with management to develop and evolve long-term agricultural plans for the farm
● Collaborating with management to plan food-focused events and foods to be served at private and
public events
● Conduct educational tours and presentations at events about the farm
● Making planting and harvesting decisions
● Recruiting, training, scheduling and supervising farm workers
● Ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and health and safety standards
● Maintaining farm equipment and facilities
● Collaborating with management to prepare budgets and financial analysis and reports
● Manage administrative and record keeping tasks related to the agricultural production and its
supporting equipment and infrastructure
● Maintaining farm animals
● Maintaining supplies
● Building professional networks and keeping abreast of developments in agricultural science
● Compensation commensurate with experience as a farm manager. Pay target will be between $75,000
– $90,000
● Benefits include:
○ Generous Healthcare Plan
○ 14 Paid time off days per year
○ 7 Paid holidays per year
3250 Wilkinson Pike, Murfreesboro TN 37129 (615) 995-6682

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