HIRING: Farm Crew at Sugar Camp Farm

Posted 2.18.22

Sugar Camp Farm currently has openings for 3 part time, seasonal (3 days a week, and possibly every 3rd Saturday market) positions on our farm crew.

The farm crew will learn most aspects of farming including greenhouse work, planting, field maintenance, harvesting, washing and packing, deliveries, market, cooking farm lunch for the crew, chicken care, and beyond. If a crew member has an interest in a particular aspect of daily farm operations, over time they may accrue more responsibility in that particular area.

The farm crew will receive a farm gear stipend, lunch on the farm, and vegetables from the farm. As farm crew members don’t live on the farm, commuting to the farm is required. Each crew member will have a 1 month trial period at the end of which we will check in and see if we are all a good fit for one another. We’re looking to fill one position from Mid February-Mid December and 2 from Mid March to Mid November and we can be flexible about dates. Work days are also flexible except each crew member must be available on Fridays for market harvest. Work hours will shift depending on the season with work starting as early as 7am with an 8 hour work day.

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