HIRING: Head of Fulfillment at Henosis

Posted 6.15.21

Henosis Mushrooms is hiring in fulfillment 30 hrs/week Starting $15/hour

Roles and Responsibilities –
Job Description: As head of fulfillment, it is your responsibility to manage outgoing products, including but not limited to: fresh mushrooms, tinctures, grow kits, and other ancillary products for our wholesale, CSA, retail, and online customers. This entails the following responsibilities:

1. Monitoring products for peak quality to ensure customer satisfaction in the packing and distribution of said products.

2. Creating and maintaining spreadsheets, invoices, online sales platforms in our website using Squarespace and Quickbooks to ensure that Billing (Accounts Receivable) and Marketing have the correct information to monitor finances and sales.

3. Monitoring and working closely with Production and harvesters to ensure that products will be consistent for our sales team and customers.

4. Monitoring and managing inventory of packing supplies: tape, boxes, promotional materials, and wholesale containers (totes) for brand integrity and ease of distribution.

5. Attending and selling at farmers markets during the week and on the weekends

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