HIRING: Summer Farm Intern at Emerson Farm

HIRING: Summer Farm Intern at Emerson Farm
Posted Feb 6, 2020
Emerson Farm is led and supported by Abintra Montessori School students ages 7-13 years old. Started in 2017, Emerson Farm follows the interests and ideas of the children, raises chickens for eggs, sheep for wool and bees for honey on 9 acres. In addition to our livestock, Emerson Farm cultivates 2 acres of land for growing vegetables, berry bushes and fruit trees. During the school year, students spend one day a week learning the art of small, sustainable farming and discovering their place in the natural world.

We follow sustainable farming practices such as rotational grazing, pastured poultry, cover cropping, rain catchment, crop rotation and compost fertilizer. We honor the children’s innate curiosity of the natural world and the cycle of the seasons and seek to support them as they make individual inquiries and meet the challenges of farm life. We support, encourage, and work alongside students as we learn to farm together.

Position Summary:
The summer farm intern is a paid seasonal position assisting the farm manager with farm work and summer camps. Daily farm chores include caring for chickens and sheep and garden work such as harvesting and processing vegetables for sale and donation. During summer camp weeks, the intern will work with the farm manager to prepare for and work alongside kids ages 7-13 in field work, harvesting, cooking, building projects, and more. An intern can expect to gain experience in basic farming knowledge as well as working with children in an affirming and child centered environment.

An ideal candidate for the Summer Farm Intern meets the following criteria:
● Available June-August (10 hour minimum/week)
● Available 3 hours each Wednesday morning for weekly harvest and 2 hours each week for additional farm work (on non camp weeks) plus some weekends for animal chores on non camp weeks
● Have access to reliable transportation to and from the farm location in Bells Bend
● Have good attention to detail and can easily follow written instructions and is comfortable working alone at times
● Strong interpersonal skills and comfort working with kids and following their lead and positively supporting them as they practice hard, hot work and an openness to practicing awareness skills to see where you are needed
● A willingness to work hard, have fun, and learn
*intern must be 18 years or older

Interested individuals should send a resume and cover letter to Emerson Farm Manager, David Cloniger at no later than May 15, 2019. ​Please share your weekly availability (days + hours), seasonal availability (e.g June – Aug), and any weekends you know you would be unable to work in your cover letter.

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