HIRING: Two Farming Partner Positions at Arugula’s Star Farm

HIRING: Two Farming Partner Positions at Arugula’s Star Farm

In 2018, Arugula’s Star Farm is looking to fill 2 Farming Partner Positions. Great Opportunity for a couple of individuals!

Our Northwest Maury County farm is located southwest ~55 minutes from the state capital building along the fertile leipers creek valley, just 10 minutes beyond Leipers Fork, in the Bethel Community. Our Farm’s land has been placed in a permanent conservation easement with the Land Trust for Tennessee and will forever be available as farmland, protected from sprawling development.

What is an ASF Farming Partner?
An individual that basically embodies a shared work interest, both physically & mentally in the 2018 growing season, and takes on the role of being a comprehensive small farmer alongside myself Allison (and my little 3 1/2 year old co partner E. Dutch, and my husband Matthew that acts as only a background systems & equipment counselor). Just as any farmer has to see all parts of the farm through from start to finish, so will be the expectation of an Arugula’s Star Farm Partner. With this mentality, workloads often come in cycles and vary week to week, but there are consistencies within the variations. For example, there will be Leipers Fork Market Days on Thursdays, and Nashville Grown Harvest and pack Days on Mondays and Thursdays. As we plant vegetables and fruits here following Biodynamic planting signs, there might be only a two day period to get all the potatoes planted for example, which are guaranteed very long days, but then there will be days in which know work is required…ebb and flow just like the tides.

My goal for partnering with a couple of individuals will allow the farm to GROW & THRIVE within a well managed farming system. By partnering, there should be a duality of benefits for all partners…, for example I get to continue mowing forward with my organic/biodynmic farm goals within the canopy of our farm property, while still getting to be a very hands on Mom, and then the farm partners get an opportunity to farm without any financial investment or loss. This is really a huge opportunity for a couple of individuals! If there are partners, then production can continue on while we all work together to develop and steer the growing season to our desired capacity.

I will act as the head farm partner/manager and it will be up to the farm partners in collaboration with myself on the volume we decide to grow. In general, I can lay out a season and organize all that needs to unfold, I just need good work partners of support to achieve a well managed farming system that can GROW and THRIVE. Farm partners will be encouraged to put forth helpful strongpoints and suggestions to make the farm more streamlined, productive, lush, alive, and profitable. Please take a look at our Genuine SeedtoGather SealTM Growing Practices to be able to get an idea of what we are about here. Our season starts in mid February (the earlier a farm partner is selected, the earlier joint discussions can begin on the possibility of a few more added vegetable growings for the 2018 season) and goes through when the last Fall Dry Beans are harvested, shelled, and packaged, which should be by late November. Of course, it would be lovely if 2018 season partners have a long term goal of staying committed Arugula’s Star Farm partners for a longer haul. Forward momentum can be gained by moving from one season to the next together, as plans for the next season can already start to unfold in our united farming partnership while we are farming in 2018.

For more information on compensation, estimated weekly work load, growing goals & markets for the 2018 season, and Application please click on

E-mail checked on computer, do not have iphone. If super quick response is needed, please call. Thanks
Allison Mills Neal
Arugula’s Star of Neal Family Farms, L.P.
6624 Leipers Creek Road; Bethel Community
Columbia, TN 38401

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