HIRING: Veggie Job Crew Member & Livestock Crew Member at Caney Fork Farms


Veggie Job Crew Member:
Caney Fork Farms is seeking full-time vegetable team members to help raise a diverse mix of vegetables and flowers. Crew members will report to the Vegetable Manager and assist in all aspects of production: seeding, transplanting, weeding, pest management, harvest and post-harvest, equipment use and maintenance, etc. This job description is flexible and will be adjusted to best maximize employees’ skills.
Team members will be trained in bio-intensive growing techniques and tools, including: BCS with multiple implements, the paper pot system, various hand-tools, and more.

Livestock Crew Member:
We are seeking a livestock crew member to help with day to day operations of our farm. The ideal candidate would be empathetic, organized, hard working, a clear communicator, and be excited to work with a team of other farmers. Additionally, the ideal candidate would have some background in animal health as well as a familiarity with all species under management and keen observational skills. The candidate should have some experience with holistic grazing, pasture management and tractor operation. This position will report directly to the Farm Manager.

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