Insect Diversity Helps Stabilize Pollination

ATTRA BLOG: International research led by the University of Reading showed that fields and farms with more variety of insect pollinator species had more stable yearly pollination of nearby crops. According to a press release, areas with diverse communities of pollinators, and areas with stable populations of dominant species, suffered fewer year-to-year fluctuations in pollinator numbers and species richness. The findings could influence how agricultural land is managed, because land managers and farmers will need to consider interventions that support diversity in pollinators on their land to provide long-term benefits to food production. “This study has revealed that the secret to consistent crop harvests could be to encourage pollinator diversity on or near farmland. If we want pollinators to help us, first we need to help them, through land management decisions that preserve and increase the number of insect pollinator species,” explained study leader Dr. Deepa Senapathi.

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