INTERNSHIPS: Two fall positions with Hippo Hollow Farms

hippo2INTERNSHIPS: Two fall positions with Hippo Hollow Farms
Hippo Hollow Farms has 2 openings for fall farm interns- starting Aug 2016 – ending Nov 22, 2016.

We are a diverse developing family farm, located between Spring Hill TN and Columbia TN on 165 acres, using holistic intensive multi- species farming practices. We have replicated the Polyface Farm model of Joel Salatin and are in the process of developing and regenerating our land using the Regrarians Plarform and guidance set out by Darren J. Doherty from Australia.

This is a full-time hands-on educational opportunity. Successful candidates live and work on farm.

You will gain experience in all aspects of raising:
Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef
Pasture Raised Broiler Chickens
Pasture Raised Turkeys
Pasture Raised Laying Hens
Forest Raised Pork

Further experience that will also be learned:
Processing of birds
Marketing and customer relationships
Road building

You must be comfortable sharing life with a family from South Africa now living in the US, ready to enjoy different languages, humor, food, culture and enjoy being around kids.

For further information and start the application process- send an email to


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