LAND FOR LEASE: Briarwood Farm in Montgomery Co.

Please note the photo above is not from this posting.

I am reaching out to you today to offer an opportunity to lease land to grow vegetables and herbs on a farm in Montgomery County.  Perhaps you are interested in growing vegetables for your family or for a market, but don’t have enough usable land to grow what you want or you just need to get in some practice growing commercially.

You and the landowner would need to discuss details such as cost of the land-lease, use of machinery, use of pesticides etc.  Another part of the agreement would be to donate a portion of your harvest via their non-profit organization to a local food bank.

The farm is a non-profit named ‘Briarwood Farm’ and is owned by Mac and Bo Botts.  The farm land is located at 1585 Briarwood Rd. Clarksville, TN 37040.  Mac’s number is 931-206-9724.

Please copy Mac ( and me, if you are interested as I can assist with advising on the garden and lease agreement etc.


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