Learning Community to Support Farmers with App-Based Record-Keeping

Big River Farms, AgSquared, and New Entry Sustainable Farming Project have partnered to create a series of new app-based record-keeping tools to help farmers of color, immigrant farmers, and other beginning growers keep the records needed for organic certification and to better understand their farm businesses. This project is funded by a Conservation Innovation Grant from NRCS and specifically aims to help farmers make records more useful, regardless of language spoken or whether or not they have reliable computer access. The project also aims to provide a new tool for incubator farms and other farmer service providers to teach effective record-keeping and to more easily communicate with farmers regarding records kept, pest and disease monitoring and control, and other data. The partners are looking for incubator farms and farmer service providers to experiment with the apps this year. Project partners will host monthly conversations the first Friday of each month for an hour so that participants can share and learn best practices and tips.

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