MEETING & SURVEY: Farm Bill Listening Sessions – MAR 2nd 2022

This fall, Organic Trade Association (OTA) held the first three of four meetings with organic stakeholders in partnership with Dr. Kathleen Merrigan from the Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems at Arizona State University. One meeting was for organic certifiers, one for national advocacy groups, one meeting was open to all, and the final meeting is for organic farmers, held in early 2022. Organic Farmers Association will be co-hosting the national farmer meeting March 2, 2022 (Virtual) with the Organic Trade Association.

Farmers can participate in 3 ways:
1. Attend the National Organic Farmer Meeting on March 2.
2. Attend a Local Farm Bill Listening Session hosted by your State or Regional Organic Farm Organization
3. Complete a 20 minute Farm Bill survey

Collectively, the organic stakeholder workshops will explore what has and has not worked since the federal organic program was established and set a new pathway for the future. Participants are encouraged to bring their radical, innovative ideas to the table. The outcomes of the workshop will culminate in the release of a report outlining tangible improvements to the law and regulatory process within USDA and inform potential updates to the Organic Foods Production Act in the next farm bill.

More information on National Organic Farmer Meeting, Listening sessions and Survey…

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