NCAT: Regenerating Your Soil Sponge – October 29, 2021

An acre of healthy soil can hold hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, which can mitigate damage from both droughts and floods. How can we go about capturing the full water conservation potential of healthy soil? What actions have worked for ranchers and other food producers across the western US?

Kara Kroeger and Linda Poole of NCAT’s Soil for Water program will engage with four ag producers who will share specific methods they are using to bring degraded soils back to life and hold more water in the soil. These producers will also discuss how healthy soil has increased their profitability and quality of life. In this session, we encourage a lively discussion to answer questions and learn from our audience. We will also feature a bonus demonstration by NCAT’s Regenerative Grazing Specialist Justin Morris on DIY soil health assessments to help you understand the effects of your management practices.


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