NEW GROUP: Nashville Area Herbalists

NEW GROUP: Nashville Area Herbalists

This from Rachel Maxwell Carpenter:I am trying to get the word out about a Facebook group I’ve started called “Nashville Area Herbalists” The idea is for this to be a place for herbalists or anyone who is even remotely interested in herbs, wild plants, foraging, etc, to connect in the Nashville area and nearby.

I’d love it to be a place for people to share where and when they are harvesting wild plants like nettles, dandelion, etc and for people to even get together and do that kind of thing with others. Also, I find myself (since I’m not currently grown anything) needing local herbs that I can currently only buy online and even reputable companies are selling organic herbs from Hungary, for example. I know there are people in the area that probably have some of the herbs I’m looking for, so it would also be a place to connect buyers with sellers of herbs. It’s mean to be informal, open to all, but still focused on herbs/wild plants and any events or things relating to that topic.

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