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Dear Friends, Members, and Supporters,
One of the main goals of our chapter is to build a supportive community that can nurture young farmers and that allows for open communication and collaboration between farmers. While we focus on that piece in our region of southeast TN (GA and AL included), we think that it would be amazing if there were also other chapters across the state to allow more young farmers to find community and to amplify all of our voices when it comes to advocacy.

We are currently the only official Young Farmers chapter in the state but there are other organizations that play a similar role in fostering community (shout out to TN Local Food Summit, Mid-TN Growers, Memphis Tilth, TN Farm Veterans, and anyone who I’m blanking on at the moment).

We want to support the work of community building among farmers wherever it occurs.

Jess Lewis has reached out to us about bringing farmers together in the Upper Cumberland region of the state. Please see her letter below and respond if you are interested in learning more.

– Jess

Hi all!
My name is Jess Lewis. My husband Matt and I live in Sparta and have a small 7 acre farm where we raise sheep and chickens. I’m exploring the idea of starting an informal Upper Cumberland Farmers Group to help connect farmers in our region. Our purpose would be for connection, support, pooling resources, and education.

If you’re farming in one of the 14 counties in the Upper Cumberland region list below and would be interested in coming together with your fellow farmers please complete this short Upper Cumberland Farmers Group Survey:

Van Buren

Once we gather everyone’s interest level, I’ll reach out with next steps.



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