PODCAST: Paula Daniels – Center for Good Food Purchasing

PODCAST: Paula Daniels – Center for Good Food Purchasing

Food Systems Leadership Network: In this first season of the Visionary Voices podcast, co-hosts Megan Bucknum and Hannah Mellion sat down with three nationally known and respected food systems leaders and mentors, Paula Daniels, Malik Yakini, and Anupama Joshi, to learn about their personal leadership journeys, seek their advice for creating change, and discuss the value of partnership, mentorship, and leadership.

In Episode 1, Visionary Voices: A Conversation with Paula Daniels, we speak with Paula Daniels, Co-founder and Chair of the Center for Good Food Purchasing. In her own words, Paula’s journey into co-creating a now national organization was “not your typical path.” From her years as an attorney, to those spent working on water policy and in public service, it was the constant and deep connection to her Hawai’ian culture, her family, and the land that ultimately led her to where she is now.

This episode goes beyond one woman’s (huge!) impact on local food systems and teaches us how “learning to surf” can help you capitalize on ideas, create effective and dynamic initiatives, and continue to be invigorated as you ride the waves inherent in this challenging work.

Listen to A Conversation with Paula Daniels

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