PODCAST: The Fight for Equal Rights in Agriculture

PODCAST: The Fight for Equal Rights in Agriculture
The latest episode of SARE’s Our Farms, Our Future podcast features Savi Horne, the executive director of the Land Loss Prevention Project in North Carolina in conversation with third-generation Michigan blueberry farmer Barbara Norman on breaking down barriers of entry for farmers of color as they fight for access to agricultural programs historically denied to them.

Norman and Horne have dedicated their careers to helping limited resource and African American farmers begin and sustain farming operations. They first met in the late 90s when black farmers around the country organized a lawsuit against the USDA to address historic discrimination. “Being engaged in sustainable agriculture has helped to not just look at barriers to growing but also the social justice aspect to food,” says Horne. “SARE has carried a big punch in the movement for a food system that is sustainable and helps farmers.”

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