PRESENTATION: Micro Urban Hen-Keeping – Sept 26

ucanNow that backyard-laying hens are legal in Nashville, it’s time to start planning your flock! In Alyce Dobyn’s Chicken Chat, we will have casual and open discussion on the basics of backyard hen care, composting with hen poo, and hens as assistant gardeners. Find out how hens can become a part of your family, provide you with nutritious food, and be a popular entertainment draw for backyard socials.

We hope to see you there!

What: Urban Chicken Advocate (UCAN), aficionado, and expert on all things chicken-related community member Alyce Dobyns will share her experience and advice on how to keep chickens in the city.
Where: Green Hills Library, 3701 Benham Ave., Nashville, TN 37215, back meeting room
When: Saturday, September 26th from 10:30-11:30 AM

About our Instructor:
Alyce Dobyns ia an artist by training, an urban gardener by inheritance, a hen-keeper by accident, an attempted-beekeeper while maintaining an amateur home remodeler position for the last several years and now home repairer.

Her family includes a micro-flock of laying hens as a part of her 1/5 acre garden in Inglewood, three cats, transient people living upstairs, and a son who lives as far away as East Nashville. She help co-found her neighborhood garden club – Grow Inglewood which is her neighborhood/community gardening network. It is an online FaceBook club that anyone in the city can join and attend whatever gatherings occur at the local Inglewood Library. (We are avid supporters of the Library Seed Exchange.)

Since she ‘retired’ from the Davidson County Master Gardeners 5 years ago she co-founded UCAN (Urban Chicken Advocates of Nashville) in order to legalize her flock. In the last couple of years UCAN has become an educational organization where we speak with different organizations, city/government groups, Adventure Science Center and various local festivals. We keep a low profile being busy raising our hens, gardening and helping others who do – or want to do – the same.

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