SEEKING: Organic Farmer outside of Chattanooga

Need some help to get my farm to the next level. 60 acre farm, 15 acres in pasture, 24- 30″ x 70′ beds with plans to increase production to 2 acres, orchard, on farm 1 bed/1bath cabin, chickens/pigs/cattle/pigs/goats. Decent infrastructure/irrigation and I have the capital to expand. I’m in year three of a regenerative agricultural transformation (modeled after: No-till growers/Jesse, Charles Massy/Allan Savory, JM Fortier, Conner Crickmore, Gabe Brown, John Kempf, John Jeavons/Blackberry Farm, Ben Falk, Joel Salatin, Eliot Coleman, Zach Bush, Dean Ornish, Will Bulsiewicz, et al). I have an off farm job and we are homeschooling our 4 kids. I’ve run into a labor problem recently and lost 2 employees. My thoughts are to rent the house to a farmer/couple and partner in a collaborative farming concept outside of Chattanooga, TN.

Thanks for the help!
-Joseph Miller

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