This from John Paul Smajda: I am looking to work as an extra hand on an as needed basis with sustainable farms and homesteads in the Middle Tennessee area.

Last year I spent over three months interning on Elisha Spring’s farm in West Virginia, putting into practice what I have been studying for the last 6 years, studying permaculture, Joel Salatins work, and other sustainable agriculture practices. My time on the farm gave me hands on experience raising hogs in the forest, broiler chickens on pasture, free range laying hens, and pastured rabbits. While on the farm I took charge of the rabbit operation helping establish a system that produced more abundantly.

I would love the opportunity to help your farm as needed. Whether it be a day of planting, harvesting, building a chicken coop or tractors, doing morning/evening chores or even bringing your stuff to market, etc. I have experience running a tractor, processing chickens and rabbits, clipping wings, turning compost, setting up electric fences, etc. I have a strong willingness to do the work that is needed for your farm and homestead and learn what needs to be done.

By working with a variety of farms, I am looking to get broad exposure to the various practices that farmers are using in this area. I am still looking to get more hands on experience with farm work. I would value tremendously any insights, tips and tricks that you can offer. As far as being compensated for my labor, and we could negotiate what that looks like. I am VERY open to bartering as part of that compensation. (My biggest weaknesses include fermented veggies, pastured meats, Duck eggs, and “REAL” milk and cream.) I would prefer to schedule on a half-day/ full-day basis. I would also be open to “farm sitting” as well, (I have already covered Hill Family Farm in White House for a week in February.)

Thank you for your time. If interested, please get in touch with me if you or somebody else you know can use an extra helping hand. I would love the opportunity to help you and your farm/ homestead either with my physical efforts or my permaculture/sustainable agriculture knowledge and share the insights I have picked up over the years.

John Paul Smajda

(845) 235-7922

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