STUDY: Agrobiodiversity Investments Is A Triple Win

STUDY: Agrobiodiversity Investments as Triple Win for Health, Environment and Food System Sustainability
ROME, ITALY (26 September 2017) – The first comprehensive scientific analysis of how agrobiodiversity can make our vulnerable food system more resilient, sustainable and nutritious has been carried out by leading agrobiodiversity research centre Bioversity International.

Released today, the 200-page guide provides solid evidence that investments in agrobiodiversity also play a critical yet overlooked role in tackling wider global targets such as reducing poverty and malnutrition, reversing environmental degradation and combatting climate change. It demonstrates that agrobiodiversity can be a more mainstream approach to sustainable development.

“Agrobiodiversity – the edible plant and animal species that feed each and every one of us – holds the key to future food security. But we are failing to protect it, and tap into its potential to transform our food system for the better,” comments Ann Tutwiler, Director General of Bioversity International.


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