SURVEY: Tennessee Beginning Farmers Development Project (TBFRDP)

SURVEY: Tennessee Beginning Farmers Development Project (TBFRDP)

I am pleased to announce that University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University have both received grants from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) entitled “Tennessee Beginning Farmers Development Project”. Over the next three years the programs will provide a coordinated, systematic and holistic educational program to deliver the research-based information and skills needed to realize a successful new farming operation and increase success rates of new farm start-ups among those participating in the program.

Developing programs are open to all new and aspiring farmers in Tennessee that are eligible to participate in Extension programs. Targeted audiences for the program include: Military veterans, active duty preparing for discharge, ranchers, people with disabilities (in conjunction with AgrAbility), and limited-resources small farmers.

In order to garner information from current producers and potential producers, our team would like to request that you forward the attached letter and link to our “Producer Assessment Survey” to stakeholders, producers and other interested parties.
Please feel free to share this on your local social media sites, websites etc.
This will better enable our teams to plan, conduct and evaluate beginner farmer program needs across the state. The survey will close on December 1st, 2017.

Thank you,

The Beginning Farmers Development Project Team Members

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