Winter 2021: Mid TN Growers Update

Hi all,

Well, 2020 happened! With COVID-19 raging throughout the year. What are we to plan in 2021?

Usually at this time, we are planning for our annual Gathering at the Green Door Gourmet Farms (This would have been our 9th annual event!). Sylvia and I discussed our possibilities and decided there were no safe ways to physically hold the Gathering this Spring. We discussed doing this virtually, but thought that most of us are zoomed out. We also discussed taking a year off; but, we finally settled on tentatively planning for our first Gathering this Fall. At that time, we will re-evaluate to see how that might occur.

In the meantime, how can our website and Facebook page help you this Spring and this growing season? Well, there are a number of ways:

  • If you are a farmer, please send us your website so we can list you, or link, through our our website and Facebook
  • If you are a farmer, list how you are going to sell your goods: CSAs, markets, online sales, and/or pickup sites
  • If you need an intern, or if you are looking for a farm to work with, send us the wording and we will post it
  • If you are a market that needs to advertise for farmers and friends of farmers, please send us a description of your market to post
  • If you are friends of farmers (Extension agents, food – related services, people who eat, etc.) and need to reach out to farmers, please post on our sites

What else can we do to grow our regional food system?
The one silver lining I heard from 2020 is that small- to mid-size sustainable farmers who sell directly to customers (no middle person), had a great year with many new and steady customers. More people wanted safe and local food. Let’s keep that trend going!

Hopefully, we’ll see you all during the season and this Fall.

As always, THANKS!

John Patrick

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