‘Women In Hemp’ Gathering Focuses On Crop’s Viability

‘Women In Hemp’ Gathering Focuses On Crop’s Viability
Greenville Sun: With a growing hemp industry, state and federal regulators are trying to play catch-up.

In late October, revisions of the industrial hemp pilot program regulations took effect in the hope of making the production of industrial hemp more attractive in Tennessee.

The Eastern Tennessee chapter of Women In Hemp held their first meeting Monday night in Greene County. Several industrial hemp experts spoke about the blossoming industry.

Women in Hemp is a national non-profit organization that supports women in the hemp industry. Tammy Rodriguez, of Mosheim, felt Eastern Tennessee needed a chapter, so she started one.

“Women in Hemp is involved in all aspects of the hemp industry through education and providing resources for advancing the hemp industry,” Rodriguez said.

She is now the contact for the Eastern Tennessee chapter, as well as a co-owner of MosHemp Cultivators LLC, in Mosheim.

About 100 interested farmers and producers, male and female alike, attended the meeting at the University of Tennessee Research and Education Center at Greeneville Monday to learn more about the burgeoning hemp industry.

When asked how many people in the audience already grow hemp, only a few hands were raised. When asked who owns farms and are able to grow, almost every hand in the room was raised.

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